Phased Array Antennas

Alico Systems is a pioneer in the development of low cost active phased array, beam steering antennas. We have designed phased array antennas in the following bands:

  • L-band
  • X-band
  • Ku-band
  • Ka-band
  • Q-band

Our beam steering antenna products range from low cost one dimensional (X-plane or Y-plane) scanning; to full two dimensional X and Y plane scanning. Beam steering scan loss is typically 2 dB at +/- 45 degrees and 3 dB at +/- 60 degrees from boresight. Our active phased array antennas have unique embedded planar full T/R module functionality including diplexers, LNAs, PAs, band select filters and phase shifters. Our next generation antennas are based on digital beam-forming techniques with direct antenna element level digitization. We have both half duplex and full duplex capability on our phased array antennas. Our patch array two dimensional scanning, phased array antennas have typical 17% bandwidth with extended range available up to 50% bandwidth. Our low cost surface integrated waveguide antennas provide one dimensional scanning with bandwidth in the range of 6%.

Some examples of our products are shown below.

Second generation 2 dimensional phased array antenna


Third generation 2 dimensional scalable phased array antenna


Second generation 1 dimensional surface integrated waveguide phased array antenna.