About Us

Company Background

Alico Systems is a privately held small business. We are a US Department of Defense Prime and Sub-Contractor in the areas of research and engineering of SATCOM On the Move Terminals, Phased Array and Flat Panel Antennas. The company was formed in March 1996 and started as Alico Consulting Inc. Our first project was to develop the system architecture for an enterprise IT system of a Fortune 500 corporation. During 1998 and 1999 Alico performed on a number of consulting projects in the Y2K area for customers in the healthcare IT domain.
Starting in May 2002 Alico went through a transformation from a consulting to a systems oriented company. We changed our company name from “Alico Consulting Inc” to “Alico Systems Inc”. Our initial concentration was on the wireless and networking services side of the business and to this date still continues to be a major part of our portfolio.  Alico is an industry leader in the design of low cost phased array SATCOM-On-The-Move terminals, flat panel antennas and associated RF electronics. Our multi-disciplinary talented technical team has performed in all aspects of the engineering effort, from major system studies, research, engineering and design of antennas, RF circuits, digital, mechanical, firmware and software systems


Alico Systems is located in San Diego county

Alico Systems Inc, 11440 W Bernado Court STE 300, San Diego, California, USA 92127

Our Mission

Core Purpose:

Energize our customers with innovative wireless networking design and services.


We will become the wireless networking company of choice. We will be known for our knowledge, wisdom, and innovation to solve our customer’s problems. We will dare to go where no one has gone before.


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